Johanna Watson

Johanna Watson

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Username * ClausSimonsen
Country * USA
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I was the kid who made sculptures out of my cafeteria food. I love story-telling - particularly visual story-telling. I also like to invest time in the development of characters. I write , I read , I collect comics, I draw comics, I paint, sculpt, photograph, make friends up as monsters (or myself), carve potatoes, cut cardboard, paper mache, manipulate photographs, and of course paint digitally ( I love my Wacom tablet with much adoration). I love to be inspired and am easily enthralled by a good story. Movies are my favorite medium for storytelling, as I am a very visual person, but I have a decent imagination as well so books are just as appealing. I doodle everywhere, and have a keen interest in dinosaurs and animals which give me much inspiration for my art and creature designs, and one of my favorite things to do is go to the zoo and draw. I have been known to disappear for hours on end forfeiting food, sleep, and social interaction for the sake of a project I am working on. I love a good laugh, gourmet rootbeer, film, mysteries, exploring, drama, philosophy, dancing, organized fighting (martial arts, fencing, wrestling), and life.